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quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2009 13:42 Postado por Italo Ribeiro ;)

Hello Readers, hope you are okay. I am very happy because in this morning I got the opportunity to explain the Global Forum 40 targets tom my classmates as well as to see my future CAP (Community Action Programme). I brought together 37 young people worried with public health and we discuss about a plenty of subjects. We could formulate new ideas and strategies to use in my social project when I get back from London. It was really interesting and I need to repeat it again. I was forgetting how it is perfect to hear to the millions of opinions from youth. They are so complex and also fascinating. I guess it is my real field: "Youth Work".
HAHAHA, peeople, STD's are just perfect. I am thinking about to especializated in pathology, if I become a doctor.
Hey, I posted the photo and did not explain my social project yet. Well, I am a leader and member of a group of discussions developed at my school. We worry about public health and we know that Ceará's situation is not sustainable. It calls for change and we stood up for this! We just cannot turn our backs and see the time goes by while there are several wrong things in our society to proceed and to improve. Youth are losing their responsability fast and they do not care about it, but we need to show that everything is going wrong. I need your help my friends because I cannot do all the things just by myself, that is why I apply my time freely to help people and to get a more critical thought about Global Issues. I really do love it and I find no reasons to regret. Although I study much and spend much time with my volunteerism, I still have time to do common things like to have fun with friends, to go shopping, to go sightseeing, to go to the cinema and stuff. Babies, we have got 24 hours a day, if we could donate just one of them to social works, world would be such a better place to live.
HEEEEY, this morning the press interviwed me. It was really nice *--------------* I will be right back with some news.

Have an excellent time and a good Tuesday!

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Congratulations Brother!!!
I believe in you, and I'm here if you need..
If all youngs become like you, the world will be much better.


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