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3 Weeks For The Global Youth Summit 2009

sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2009 18:41 Postado por Italo Ribeiro ;)

Hello my readers, I am here to express how I am speechless with this opportunity. All participants just need to wait for more 3 weeks to get into "THE EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIVES". People who participated in the event already said that this is the event of all events. I really hope so. I am so engaged and motivated. I am sure that I will be an excellent representative from Brazil. I am giving my best and studying hard because you know, I am dealing with the dreams of many people and the best opportunity to expose my ideas, viewpoints and to raise my knowledge. Be sure guys, several achievements for Brazilian Youth are coming up soon.

Today I was working on my presentations about my social works. I guess I am a little late. There is so much work to do, but if I follow my ideas and creativity, I am going to do a perfect work.
Yesterday my brother received a call from British Council. They asked for his opinions about my participation and stuff. My brother is a Global Changemaker too and he participated in the same event in 2007. Well, they also said that they are interested in send someone to Fortaleza to create and develop a great CAP (Comunnity Action Project) with my brother and me. I just cannot wait for that. It motivates me a lot. I hope we can work with youth and social entrepeneurism.
HAAA, I have just found some pics of my incredible work *----* I just love my eldest and handicapped people, and also my coordinator.
I am going to post photos and texts about all my social projects pretty soon by explaining as a little essay of my presentation during the GYS09.

I am excited, happy, committed, motivated, engaged, curious, amazed, afraid for November 15th *-----* The first day for the complete change of my life.!

I love you God and I know that you are by my side. I can feel your angels' presence here and it makes me feel so safe. I trust in you and hold your hands *-* My Savior! Thank you for everything!! I love you ♥

I just thank every Brazilian who believes in my initiatives and me. I'll do you all very proud. :D

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italo muito lrgal essa sua vida ajudando sempre os outros e colocando Deus em primeiro lugar te admiro muito cara...

congratulations for you....

Brother.. What can I say to you? I don't have words, I can just tank you!! Congratulations :D
Brazil needs of youngs like you, with initiative, love in their heart.. If you need help.. you know.. I'm here. I love you, and I believe in you. You are my example.. A guy who I learned to respect so much.
Good luck for you, I'm sure you will represent very well the brazilian youth and our dreams are in excellent hands.

Hugs! and Tanks for everything :D

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