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domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009 09:56 Postado por Italo Ribeiro ;)

Hello everyone. This post is totally dedicated to my volunteer work concerned with Human Rights (specially Children's rights). Well, one of my foremost concerns is my performance through society involving our life in church and stuff. I love spreading my profile and reaching people with stimulating purposals, as I consider is a very good way do address young people. I have a group of scenial arts and we develop serious and rewarding works as volunteers. Our plays explain and show worries related to subjects discusses recently like pregnancy in adolescence, drugs and alcohol, STDs, depression and so on., always considering that God's is the only way of getting out of all those troubles. We show the causes, the consequences and how our time is precious. We cannot deny the fact that when we are addicted with something we became totally blind to everything that tries to tell and/or call our attention to what is really happening. That is how is paramount to include young people in discussions and formulations of decisions toward young people and their future. In addition, it s so much relevant to see how young people have been influenced by new activists and the innovative youth we are striving hard to create. I feel much finer when I see that my effort is working and that is what makes me feel so great.
Every Wednesday we have a group of discussions, consisting in to read the Bible, to discuss its subjects and try to bring all its stories to our epoch. It is just perfect and all my church is divided in what we call "Small Groups".

We really lack for the manisfestation, commitment and participation of more young people through social issues!

If we call for change, we need to run into that. We just cannot solve the World's Key Challenges by ourselves. We share the same similar concerns and we need to act together, if we want to get fast results!

Here in Brazil we can admit that we have got now several people trying to change the world and to put an end to all kinds of prejudices, highlighting themselves through the good practices of ethics, citizenship and taking morals as a good tool to impact their communities, however we do need much more! We have got to believe in the strenght of our youth!

Sometimes we think: Oh My God, why is so easy to young people to lose their time with foolishes, depraved fun, earning money and excetera? There's a good and simpleanswer! Young people attract to news. It would be a great solution to create new ways to call their attention. I am looking forward to work with more people, even they live distant from my country our city.

Hope to hear from you something constructive to help. I will be right back as fast as possible telling you a little bit more about my others social projects and the Summits abroad where I will represent Brazil.

See you soon babies :D

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Italo, your actions are very important to change our reality. ^^
You are blessed for God.

Brother.. Those words were everything!!! Very good. Congratulations!! I believe in them, and if you need of a partner.. I'm here.
Your project is very cool, I liked so much!!

Hugs and Good Luck for you!!

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