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Meet Italo from Brazil - Global Forum 40

sexta-feira, 14 de maio de 2010 05:14 Postado por Italo Ribeiro ;)

Italo Ribeiro Alves is one of 40 participants attending Global Forum 40’s forum next October, he is from Brazil and is a nursing student at a leading university in his region,  Italo has a wide track record where activism is concerned and has been directly involved with his community for some years. He recently joined the British Council’s Global Changemakers programme, where he attended the Fourth Annual Global Youth Summit in London, with 59 other young people from across the globe during his time at the summit Italo met Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Read more about Italo’s background and motivations for getting involved with The Global Forum 40:

AIDS and sexual issues in general are challenging subjects which demand a different approach from us. I lead a group of 50 teenagers who act in our community by training and informing students, promoting self-esteem to people infected by AIDS, raising awareness about contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted diseases as well as fighting against unwanted teenage pregnancy. We promote workshops, distribute condoms and materials related to our activism and run awareness raising events. As I deal with lives, I often say that I give my life to them. Every single second that I donate to those people will never come back to me again.

But, I would donate a great part of my life to them because every second that I am making a positive difference to someone’s life is a second well spent. It’s like the common phrase says; “A smile speaks more than a thousand words”.
What motivates me the most in regard of the Global Forum 40 is the desire to see young people working through such an incredible issue by coming together, learning from each other and sharing a common goal. Although we live in different situations and realities, we share the same concerns. We will have in our hands a unique opportunity to revolutionize everything that we know with global support and personal examples.

I really hope together we can create global networks, CAPs (Community Action Projects) or other projects after the Forum. I am really looking forward to meeting all the participants and to share with them one of the best times of our lives!

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