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Global Changemakers!
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British Council Global Changemakers at the Women Deliver Conference 2010!

sábado, 15 de maio de 2010 09:24 Postado por Italo Ribeiro ;)

Hi everybody,

I am just super-thrillled that we'll be 5 Global Changemakers attending the Women Deliver Conference 2010 in the US instead of only 2. I did not know that the British Council was sending a delegation to that event. But yesterday I foundm out from Francesca Martonffy whom found out from Gaby and Matt that Mohammed and I are going to attend the global conference. We were selected by the Women Deliver Organisation as the winners of a very competitive online contests which more than 6000 global leaders applied for, but only 500 were privileged with the scholarships.

Now, the British Council decided to include us in some activities of its and introduce us to some contacts. It absolutely will be great, because we will be able to spread our global contacts and have the opportunity to expose our projects and ideas better.

We will be representing all Global Changemakers and the youths of our respective countries: Brazil, Yemen, Afghanistan. Malawi and the Gambia!

Gulghutai, Nawaf, Elham, Muthi, Mohammed and Francesca! I just cannot wait to see you again!

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